Dan Spalding

Dan Spalding began facilitating workshops for activists after participating in the 1999 Seattle WTO protests. The following year he co-founded the Midnight Special Law Collective, a non-profit dedicated to teaching people their rights and providing legal support for those protesting for social justice. In the following decade he helped train thousands of peace activists, undocumented youth fighting for US citizenship and high school students who wanted to know their rights when harassed by the police. He also helped develop curriculum around trainings, trainer-trainings and how to set up a legal office for a protest.

Dan started teaching English as a second language in 2002 in Oakland, California. He first taught beginning English to Chinese immigrants before moving on to teach intermediate-level English to a mixed group of students from around the world. Most recently he taught at the workforce development program at Laney Community College and developed over 200 weeks of curriculum for

Dan received a bachelors in politics from Oberlin College, a masters in teaching English at San Francisco State University, and black belts in jujitsu and Aikido from Suigetsukan dojo. His schooling has taught him that teaching is hard work that can also be fun. Like learning. Like life.

Dan lives in the Bay Area with his partner, Christy Tennery, where you can often find him reading, bicycling, drinking coffee and making trouble. How to Teach Adults is his first book.

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