Get the book!How to Teach Adults is for anyone in adult education, whether you teach in a classroom, a studio, or a dojo. This book will guide you through everything you need to know: from getting your first job, to planning your course, to teaching a class, to growing as a professional.

Thanks to hundreds of Kickstarter backers I raised the funds to edit, design, and have a small run print of How to Teach Adults. In exchange, I promised to make it available as a free, and beautiful eBook.

Consider that promise kept. Below is a link to the free eBook. However, I know a lot of people still like to read paper books. With that in mind, I have a new sale with new teachers in mind. I encourage new teachers, especially those still in grad school, to buy several copies (at the below discount) and read the book together. It won’t just make you a better teacher. You will start cultivating the collaborative spirit that builds good teachers and strong schools! And if you buy 10 books I’ll Skype in for a 1 hour consultation with your study group to talk about jobs, curriculum, teaching, or anything else adult education-related!

But please buy soon. There is a very limited number of paper copies left and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Book Options

1 Paper Copy of the Book + Premium eBook $20 $20/copy
2 Paper Copies of the Book + Premium eBook $35 $17.50/copy
3 Paper Copies of the Book + Premium eBook $45 $15/copy
5 Paper Copies of the Book + Premium eBook $60 $12/copy
Study Group Special! 10 Paper Copies + Premium eBook + 1hr Consultation $115 $11.50/copy
International Rate: 1 Paper Copy of the Book + Premium eBook $30 +$10 shipping

Download the PDF – or Buy the Book

Here is the link to the free PDF of How to Teach Adults (along with the free EPUB for iPad & iPhone and free MOBI for Amazon Kindle). If you like the book, please tell your friends and consider buying a paper copy!

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  1. Art Ellison


    Thanks so much for the copy of your book and the kind words about my limited involvement in this important project. Hopefully the book will become a staple in the world of professional development for t educators. Take care, Art

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