The new edition of How to Teach Adults!



When I got home today there was a mystery package on my doorstep. It was from my favorite publisher, Jossey-Bass, which put out my favorite teaching book of all time, Facilitating Group Learning by George Lakey, among many others. I opened the package to find a gift-wrapped book with a kind note. It was the second edition of my book, How to Teach Adults, a full 8 days ahead of schedule!

I published the first edition in January of 2013, and it was a big hit. The Kickstarter campaign that made it happen connected me to new and veteran teachers across the country and around the world. (I’m big in Sweden, FYI.)

But as soon as I put out the book I knew that I had more to say. When Jossey agreed to publish a second edition, it gave me the opportunity to elaborate on a few tricky points – like dealing with difficult students – add a lot of brand-new content and kill a few darlings. JB’s editors and readers gave solid advice, and criticism, that helped me make How to Teach Adults the book I wanted it to be.

More importantly, this is now, truly, the book that new adult educators should read first. It’s the thin guide to planning your class, teaching your students, and changing the world that will make you a good teacher faster and more painlessly than any other resource out there.

And now this improved book will reach more new teachers than I ever could have alone. My deepest appreciations go out to my editor David Brightman, editorial assistant Shauna Robinson, and all my other good friends at Jossey-Bass.

You can buy How to Teach Adults from the publisher, from Amazon, and wherever fine books are sold (if you have the people who work there order it for you). As always, feel free to contact me at teachrdan AT gmail with any thoughts or concerns. I hope that getting my book in the mail will be as exciting for you as it was for me.

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